Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012: Mixing Math and Hobbies

Are you passionate about Math?  You might want to check out the latest project I've started.  Math Milestones: from Pi to Euler to the Imaginary is a shop I will be building (about one product a month) which will feature a design based on one of the mathematicians or mathematical topics I've looked up (I do one a day).  For the launch, I have featured the logo, depicting the relationship of Euler's constant, pi and the imaginary symbol, three milestones of math that are as might as Gauss, Euler and Reimann (though I say mightier).

The next (potential) project will be based on the fractal Sierpinski curve.  I am a vector graphics artist, and the idea for this project has been evolving over the last several months as a way to lateralize what I already do, while also tieing into my studies.  As my university doesn't have a history of math program, I have taken it upon myself to research mathematicians and the relationships between topics in mathematics to build the picture for myself.  I hope that in five years time, doing this daily, I will have somewhat adequate knowledge to tackle some of the deep mathematical problems that often wake me up early in the morning.

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